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is a Dancer, Model and the 12 year old CEO of Sassy Girl Magazine where dance meets fashion and young entrepreneurship. Brie has performed at Bally’s Las Vegas, Wonderama TV, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with Universal Kids and many other productions. At nine years old, Brie began to model, both runway and print. Brie has been a feature model at New York Fashion Week, the Society Fashion Show in Dallas, featured in several kid fashion magazines, catalogs, is a member of the Pastry Dance Crew and continues her commercial dance training with the Boss Kids NYC.  She is currently signed to a talent and modeling agency. As Brie continues to build her brand, expanding with Apparel and Sassy Accessories, she enjoys the opportunities available to her in the dance and fashion world.

In November 2018, during her journey, Brie decided she no longer wanted to just be the talent, she wanted to be a BOSS. The person to afford other aspiring young people like herself, the opportunity to be showcased by promoting their businesses and talents on a positive, safe and diverse platform. Brie is on an early path to business success and working toward making her mark in the world of young entrepreneurs. SGM is a true family friendly resource where kids are not judged based on popularity but on creativity and their drive to be productive. Brie takes a firm stance against Bullying and recognizes that a part of her mission is to always Pay It Forward. Her personal commitment is a portion of the proceeds from the magazine and/or SGM merchandise sales are donated to a selected non profit organization or cause that supports Youth Empowerment. After all when kids support kids, the possibilities are endless.


"Girls with Dreams Become Women with Vision" -unknown-

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